Whitewash option

Finished Glazed Job

Water damage and filling knots

Lacquer Toner/Stain

Our Process

Day 1-2

We arrive at your home and start removing your doors and hardware.  At the same time we start to tape off all the edges of the cabinet frames.  We tape the inside of each door.  We cover the floor with heavy duty cardboard paper and cover all the counter tops.  We then set up a vapor barrier for dust and odor control.  We clean, sand all the frames and boxes followed by a chemical deglosser. We then spray a lacquer sanding sealer primer coat which helps with adhesion and cover grains.  At this point we are ready to spray lacquer.  We apply 3-4 coats depending on coverage and grains with sanding between coats.  We then apply a lacquer top coat. The doors are taken to our shop to be finished in the same process.   In most cases we are finished at your home in 1-2 days so that you can have use of your kitchen the again!  

Day 1-3

The cabinet doors have been brought back to our shop to be cleaned, sanded and deglossed.  Most doors are then caulked to remove gaps.  If clients are trying to remove knots we then fill all knots on fronts of doors and gaps with either wood filler or bondo. We lay all doors flat to achieve perfect smooth application with lacquer.  We use pre catalyzed lacquer mostly because we found that all high end cabinets shops use lacquer or conversion varnish and it drys very hard and smooth which makes it perfect for cabinet doors and durability.  Cabinet doors will be finished in 2-3 days unless glazing is needed.  The work at the house and at the shop are happening simultaneously.

Day 2-4

Painted Cabinet doors are brought back to the home and re-installed with hardware and hinges.  Kitchen is cleaned and the great kitchen remodel is revealed!

If glazed, then doors are glazed and top coated.  Most of the time the doors are brought back on Day 4 for glazed cabinets.